Helen Made Company is a rebirth of the company formerly known as Grace & Helene.  Instead of being limited on one aesthetic vision, Helen Made wants to showcase a diversity of knowledge and share the creative processes of the most interesting parts of everyday life including Helen Made Products, DIY projects, art, fashion, home, food, entertaining, gift ideas, travel and building the creative business that happily gets you out of bed in the morning.


Helen Patterson is a fine artist, arts & craft enthusiast, blogger, closet master chef and interior decorator, fashion muse and more. This idea for Helen Made Company came after Helen discovered that she wanted to showcase the diversity of her skills and attract a larger audience. She is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Helen Made Company.

Helen grew up in Freeport, Illinois and has since then lived in Chicago and New York City. She started her former company Grace & Helene in 2011 designing textile jewelry, but she had a bigger vision that led her to create a handmade blog and creative journal. The goal of this blog is to build a global community that inspire others and create a place for thousands to come for creative enjoyment.

The Helen Made Company is a visual, educational and inspirational journey and its purpose is to provide an intimate glimpse of Helen’s life that shares all the things that she creates, is inspired by and happily shares with the world.

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