Tutorial: DIY Organza Baby Doll Dress

Materials Needed:

Knit Bodice Pattern from The Littlest StudioMaterials

2 yards of Organza Fabric (any color)



Binding Tape (optional)


Measuring Tape

Sewing Machine + Serger (optional)

1.Bodice Pattern: Print out knit bodice pattern from The Littlest Studio, assemble, cut along line of desired size, pin to fabric and cut out.

2016-04-18 12.28.28

2.Bottom Pattern: Measure waist and hips and add ; this will be your measurement for the two bottom pieces.

3.Sew both top and bottom along areas where pins are and finish edges to prevent fraying.


4.Gather the top of the skirt by sewing a double straight stitch and carefully pull the thread until the skirt matches the size of the opening of the top.

Gather top of skirt


5.Sew bottom and top together; finish seam off with zig zag stitch or serger.

2016-05-05 13.47.23


6.Finish neckline, arm holes with a rolled seam or add binding tape for a more polished look.


7.You’re Finished!

Tutorial: B&W Houndstooth Skirt w/Pockets

Pattern Illustration_Circl Skirt With Bottom PanelIllustration_Circle Skirt With Bottom Panel

  1. Fold fabric twice, measure waist, determine desired length, mark and cut out. (See chart).
  2. Unfold the skirt lengthwise and cut open both folded sides
  3. Cut out bottom panel on fold (measurements = 4.5 to 5” L x width of skirt bottom/2).
  4. Cut out waist band on fold (measurements = 3”L x width of waist/2).
  5. Cut out (4) pockets. (if applicable)
  6. Pin two pockets to each side of one panel and sew; do the same for the second panel. (see illustration, if applicable).
  7. Pin both panels and pockets together (right sides facing each other); be careful not to sew area where pockets are attached to skirt + sew.
  8. Pin and sew bottom panel ends together (see illustration for details); pin and sew one of the edges to skirt bottom + finish hem.
  9. Pin and sew waist band ends together (see illustration for details); pin and sew bottom of waist band to top of waist.
  10. Fold waist band in half and sew.


Tutorial: Tulip Wrap Dress


Inspired by The Felted Fox tutorial! Click on the link to check out how to make yours today.

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